Friday, July 06, 2007

Quenching Bonne Bell's Thirst

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Cosmetic companies have exalted their drench-tastic lip products since the dawn of time, but lately, they're quenching that thirst quite literally by partnering with beverage giants. Tarte cosmetics jumped into the neutraceutical ring this past spring with Borba, creating a co-branded line of vitamin-infused glosses...Pepsi Co is moving to make a splash this August with the launch of Aquafina Advanced Hydration RX by skincare company Added Extras...And the latest entry, announced at last week's National Association of Chain Drug Stores Marketplace convention, is the Coca Cola company who has entered into a licensing deal with Bonne Bell on a line of lip balms and glosses that will be marketed to 18-35, an older market than its current largely tween demographic, as well as men. The products, which will be sold at drugstores and mass retailers like Wal-Mart are set to launch in April.