Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is Fergie's 2nd Solo Album One Big Jingle?

Oh snap.

"Fergie’s records may not be flying off the shelves, but that certainly hasn’t stopped her from selling out."
While product placement may not be completely foreign to the music industry (Cristal...Escalades...Dolce & Gabbana), Fergie is the first singer to agree to write and perform tracks endorsing a product for profit. The 32-year-old singer is set to make $4 million by promoting Candie's clothing in her songs on her 2nd solo album. “With record sales in decline, you must find novel ways to make money out of the music," said an executive at Fergie’s record label Interscope. "The trick is to make the brand part of the song so that it slips down easily rather than chokes the fan.”