Thursday, July 05, 2007


Nice 4th, eh? If you're anything like H&B, the holiday was spent consuming alright, but not burgers and beers - the cool clouds made me hungry for some conspicuous consumption. So, in lieu of sailing, I saled...a little haute tomayto, tomahto, if you will! Being curly-by-nature (not 'cause I hate-cha), hair accessories proved a delightful diversion. Perfect for summer and obviously on-trend right now (see Valentino, Prada, and well, every other runway show from the past 6 months), they are the best way to salvage stubborn tresses.

With tons of options at every price point, there seriously is (and please forgive this women's mag 101 blech) a headband for every hair style. "When looking for the right headband, consider your head shape. If you have a small head and small face, try a larger headband to give your look some punch. If you have a big head and a large face, that large headband will be entirely too much, so look for a smaller, finer headband to play nicely against your larger features," says celeb stylist David Evangelista of the John Barrett salon. To keep it mod, position the headband about 2 inches back from the hairline.
Clockwise from top left: Black Linen Floral Headband, Tarina Tarantino $163; Tasha Oval Crystal Headband, $46, Nordstrom; Kaleidoscope Knit Headwrap in Black Hearts, $10, Urban Outfitters; Clover Rhinestone Headband, $3.80, Forever 21; Miu Miu Cracked Leather Headband, $65 on sale,; Voom Nautical Silk Tie Headbands, $40, ShopIntuition. Center, on model: Stacey Lapidus Tiara Elastic Headwrap with Tails, $100,