Monday, July 02, 2007

Make a Dash to The Blue La'goo'

Pre-weekend evacuation, I made a much needed dash into the trés pink Dashing Divas on 8th Street to repair 2-weeks of high heel induced harm and to try out their new 'Isle of Capri' pedicure. Friday nights the salon hosts "Girls Night Out," a combo happy hour/spa party where the mood was decidedly loud and festive. Every station was filled with small groups of friends sipping on pink bubbly, cracking up from the v. fab host, Dominick, and indulging on several fronts. Tired from a long day of work and from shuffling around, I was (forgive me for sounding aged) admittedly feeling a tad less boisterous than my couch mates. But what DD lacks in serenity, it makes up for with a fun atmosphere, uber-accommodating staff and a seriously kick-ass pedicure.

The Isle of Capri starts with a cleansing massage, enhanced by a lemon zest gelee. Next—and this is what truly sets this pedi apart—instead of soaking in water like you would during a traditional pedicure, feet are submerged into a blue "Jellybath," a thick fluffy gel that I have affectionately been calling the Blue La'goo'. Unable to stop wriggling my toes, it felt AMAZING, and seriously is like nothing you've ever tried ("Oohs" & "Ahhs" could be heard up and down the stations). The rest of the experience includes a limoncello sugar scrub for exfoliating, a toe-to-knee strawberry gelato moisturizing masque and finally a 10 minute-massage featuring a honeysuckle soufflé lotion. After polish is applied, you can shake things up with their Capri Glow Shimmering Body Lotion, which is also avail. for sale. The lotion (which btw rinses off) was a bit too glittery for my taste but you know what they say, "When in Rome..."

Overall, the 60+ min. pedicure was delicious (and not just because all of the fruity products). The "Blue laGoo" and massage were real standouts and while I started out craving quiet, the mood can be infectious (or was it the bubbly?). Either way, my toes look great, it felt divine and maybe the real lesson is that sometimes you just have to kick up your newly exfoliated heels and go with it.

Dashing Diva Isle of Capri Pedicure, ~$60
Locations in NYC (incl. Brooklyn), CA and NC