Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Curious as a cat...

Just how exactly is this conversation to go?

Person 1: You smell amazing, what are you wearing?
Person 2: Oh! Thanks! It's Pussy Deluxe.
Person 1: Pardon?

"I remember the first time our directors, who are in their 60s, heard the name. But it's the opposite of vulgarity," said Thomas Seeger-Helbach, director of marketing and new business for Maurer + Wirtz, of the brand's latest fragrance. "It's about sex appeal with a wink. It's young, positive and what young, self-confident women like." Oh. Of course. In an attempt to reenter the premium fragrance market, it's introducing a 5-product line of Pussy Delux fragrances as part of a licensing deal with the eponymous irreverent lingerie and fashion company. Meow?