Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are You Down?

Want to feel old? "Fraggle Rock" is coming up on its 25th anniversary (ouch!). In honor of the occasion, HIT entertainment has partnered with The Emperor's New Clothes to create an exclusive line of vintage (um, except that they'll be new) "Fraggle Rock" t-shirts. The shirts launch this summer at select retailers including The Lounge SoHo and Max Antique and are onsale now online at and for those who, you know, are down with fraggle rock.

Shirts will retail for $36-40.

Just make sure you tell people you RED it here first, ok?

H&M Stinks Big Time

It's 95 degrees in New York and when you tack on the humidity it feels closer to 140. It's hot. I'm hardly disagreeing. But, and this is a big BUT...that is no excuse for what is going on at H&M 59th Street. The store reeks, and i mean, serious stank people, of BO. Foolishly, I waited on line for a dressing room (they had some very cute dresses!) assuming it was someone on line that had the problem. When I reached an actual dressing room though, I was completely bowled over. It was intolerable - how were people making do? I walked out as quickly as I had walked in, just as an attendant was spraying bathroom disinfectant. I inquired if the situation was any better downstairs...she hesitated and I answered for her, she nodded confirming the stink was everywhere. For shame H&M. For shame New Yorkers. Use deodorant. Get that new Secret over-the-counter-yet-prescription-strength stuff. But don't, DON'T stink up an entire store. Ew, what a BOTHER!

One to Watch: Pedro Garcia

I first met the shoes that would later become something of an obsession a year ago at Century 21. Forest green with frayed satin and an elastic band of Swarovski crystals (seeing is loving, trust H&B on this!), they were like my version of Cinderella's glass slippers. These were shoes that took you places. They personified haute. And they HAD to be mine. Running to the register giddy with treasure-found, I soon had my own clock striking midnight moment—when the security tag was removed a very perceptible hole remained in the beautiful satin, leaving me alas slipperless and bothered. Very bothered! And so, with that sad sad tale, I began my love affair with Spanish designer Pedro García.

While the brand has been around for quite some time it has only been in the US market for two years. But in that span, it has fast become a favorite of celebs like The Olsens, Victoria Beckham and Kirsten Dunst with fashion critics calling García the next Manolo Blahnik (talk about tough shoes to fill!). Sold at Saks, Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Bergdorf and several online outlets, the shoes—which are 100% made in Spain—are sold at a limited number of high end retailers. "We didn't go to America to sell thousands of pairs. We went there to be in the right places," said Pedro García Sr., the label's managing director.

With its first stand-alone store now open in Madrid, and an increasingly high profile following here, Pedro García is definitely one to watch.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Calling All Hauterflies

Entertaining can be so sweet. Take Polly George's precious ceramics, which we came across over at Oh Joy! Hand decorated with butterflies, birds and roses, the white serving pieces are as delectable as the treats they house. What more could the consummate hauterfly hostess ask for?

Get a (Second) Life

Stella McCartney, favorite of the jet-set, and friend of the pet-set, has joined forces with PETA, to hold a peaceful anti-fur protest online in the virtual community Second City. Visitors to a specially created island will be able to dine at the Linda McCartney veggie burger stall, accessorize their characters in anti-fur wears including a "I'd rather be pixilated than wear fur" t-shirt and donate Linden dollars (which PETA will exchange for US dollars) to the cause. "Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of humor on serious subjects," said McCartney.


BREAKING: Liz Claiborne Dies

Liz Claiborne, a founder of the American apparel company that bears her name, died yesterday morning at the age of 78. Her family has not yet released the cause of death.


Renee Zellweger is EIF's Latest Pink Ambassador

Glenn Close. Nicole Kidman. Charlize Theron. Hilary Swank...and now, Renée Zellweger. What's the missing link? Yes, they're all talented. Yes, they're all beautiful. And yes, they all have fab careers. But, all these leading ladies ALSO have been (very) goodwill ambassadors for the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Key To The Cure. Sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue in partnership with EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund, the initiative is in its 8th year, and has so far raised over $23 million. This year's shirt, which will be sold exclusively at Saks for $35 (proceeds benefit the fund) was designed by Juicy Couture and reads Viva La Pink (Trés Juicy! Trés Cute!)

"We've all been touched by cancer is some way," said Zellweger. "Unfortunately, one out of four women will be diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime. That's why I'm lending my support to EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund and Saks Fifth Avenue's Key to the Cure campaign. The funds raised are helping advance critical science to help find better ways to detect breast and other women's cancer early and treat it better."

Saks will hold a 3 day shopping event nationwide from October 18 - 21 with a portion of sales benefitting the fund. Additionally, Mercedes Benz has signed on as a partner, and will offer 1000 limited edition C350 Sport Sedans for the initiative, which it expects will raise $1 million for the cause. No word yet if the sedans will be pink but we're guessing the answer is um, no!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rock Out With Vivienne Westwood

When you wear Vivienne Westwood, you know your style is rockin' but now, thanks to a forthcoming fragrance, you can smell rockin' (wait, is that a good thing?) too. Westwood is launching Let It Rock, a new fragrance licensed by Coty Prestige, in August. Let It Rock's top notes feature patchouli, that hippy-dippy Sixties and Seventies-favored scent, but it also comprises notes of bergamot, red freesia, jasmine and amber. The eau de parfum will be available at $59 and $94 price points. An ancillary line includes a body lotion and shower gel.


It was indeed a Beauty Rush at Victoria's Secret's pop-up candy store on 52nd and Broadway today. Bringing to life every girl's dream spread, there was tons of candy, a dais of beauty products, bubbly and the oh so important presence of flashing bulbs. Visting the candy shoppe when we stopped by were the resplendent Rachel Hunter and reality show scenster Britney Gastineau.

Open today only, the red carpet was rolled out to introduce a host of new products including its Beauty Rush body line, inspired by its wildly popular gloss of the same name. The line features body washes, lotions and mists in yummy scents like Grapefruit Blast, Appletini and Strawberry Fizz. Come to think of it, thank goodness there was candy on-hand. Those scents make me want sweets all over again.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fake It Til You Make It

I love love love this haute find!

What: Domestic's coat tree vinyl wall applique

Why: Because shouldn't your foyer be as tongue-in-chic as you are? A black coat tree (complete with bags, heels and a fedora, natch) silhouette stylishly dresses up any entryway without taking up a lick of space. Fabulous.

Where: Domestic

Mani Golightly

China Glaze is paying homage to Breakfast At Tiffany's with its new limited edition "For Audrey" nail polish. While we can't say it looks quite as great as a Tiffany sparkler on fingers, it does keep everyone's favorite shade of blue at hand for an anytime pick-me-up.

Available at nail salons and beauty supply stores.

[Bella Sugar]

Pop Quiz: Queen For a Day

In this pic, John Galliano is channeling:

a) Alexander McQueen
b) Queen Elizabeth
c) a Queens' bachlorette
c) queens everywhere

Glossed Over

After 6 years, is shutting its doors (well, windows). Co-owned through a unique partnership between Estee Lauder, Clarins, and Chanel, the site never garnered the customer base it had hoped for. "We found out that people want to go to brands directly. Also, retailer sites are very successful," commented Philip Shearer, the group president at Lauder in charge of Gloss.

For now, the site is still up and running, but operations will cease in the near future.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Josie Maran To Launch Cosmetic Line

As the face of Maybelline cosmetics for 10 years it's safe to say that Josie Maran picked up a thing or two about the beauty industry. So it's only natural (more about that in a sec.), that sooner or later the fresh-faced model would launch her own beauty line. Starting in September, Josie Maran Cosmetics, an organic, eco-friendly make-up line will be sold exclusively at Barneys and online at

The line reflects Maran's natural look with a focus on vibrant, glowing skin. "What most women don't realize is that when models and actresses look fresh-faced and makeup-free, it's because they know exactly how to apply their makeup to make it look that way," Maran says. "I want to open the vault on all the tips and tricks that I've learned from my time in the makeup chair."

But more than merely aligning with Maran's sense of style, the line will embody her personal philosophy of luxury with a conscience. All of the products are housed in biodegradable casing, and made of gentle, non-toxic ingredients. "I want to effect positive change, but also create something fun, beautiful and luxurious," explained Maran.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Breaking: Barney's SOLD!

Too bad you didn't have $825 mil in cash lying around - you could've been the proud new mama of Barneys New York. The retailer was sold for that amount to an affiliate of Istithmar, a Dubai investment private equity firm today, according to Barneys' current parent company Jones Apparel Group.

Peter Boneparth, Jones president and CEO, said in a statement, “We are very pleased to enter into this transaction, which realizes significant value for our investment in Barneys and provides us with the opportunity to use the net proceeds to enhance shareholder value. Furthermore, going forward, because the sale will reduce the level of required capital expenditures we will have greater financial flexibility in the execution of our business strategy.”


Chanel to Faux-nel: "Oh, It's ON!"

Chanel's subtle reminder on the back page of last Friday's WWD:

Click pic for larger image.


Stud to Play Cowboy

I don't think anyone is doubting Tom Brady's manliness these days. He's about to have a child with Bridget Moynihan, is dating Gisele and has won 3 SuperBowls all before the age of 30. Not too shabby, eh? So must be thinking over at Coty - where Brady was just tapped the latest Stetson man.

"An athlete of the caliber of Tom Brady is the epitome of masculinity because he's strong and he's a leader," said Steve Mormoris, VP of Global Marketing for Coty Beauty.

The advertising campaign featuring Brady, dubbed "Set Free," is slated to break this fall, and will include print and TV. TV spots — which feature the rock song "Slow Ride" by Foghat — will show Brady driving a vintage Mustang convertible in hot pursuit of his cowboy hat, which has been blown off by the wind. Alongside the convertible is a galloping thoroughbred racehorse.



It's Ferragamo Time

Salvatore Ferragamo has inked a 13-year licensing agreement with Timex to create and launch a luxury timepiece collection. The line will officially launch in April at Baselworld, but 2-3 models will be available this November at approximately 80 stores worldwide. The price points will range from $1,300 - 6,500 with a few limited edition diamond encrusted pieces selling for close to $39,000. This move is seen as an important step in moving the company closer to an expected IPO, likely next year. "There is no rush, we want to reinforce the company and give freedom to the 60 family members to stay or leave," said the company's chairman Ferruccio Ferragamo.


TOTE-ally Great Alternatives

As promised, cuter, less played, and readily available totes, perfect for the beach, brunch and weekend everything:

Lauren Bush, honorary spokeswoman for the UN World Hunger Programme, created the FEED bag, a reversible tote that's more than just 'eco-friendly.' The proceeds from each bag sold, will feed a hungry child for an entire year (hence the 1!). "The FEED bag is a sturdy, reversible bag made out of natural burlap and cotton materials. The design of the bag was inspired by the big bags of food that I have seen being distributed to schools around the world. Besides being a cool bag, it is a tangible way to make a difference in the fight against child hunger. Every FEED bag sold will feed a child for a whole year in school," said Bush. The bag is sold exclusively at Amazon for $59.99 (with free shipping!).

Sometimes we don't love our city. Sometimes we barely tolerate it. Or as the folks over at Twee Shirts so perfectly put it, "What's that? You don’t “heart” hanging out in your car for hours on the 10 and/or 405 and/or 101? Or you don’t “heart” paying $1500 for your crappy studio in Murray Hill? Or maybe you’re not “hearting” that one homeless guy who yells horrible things at you when you walk by in the morning? Stand up to the I heart-ers with Twee's I STOMACH LA & I STOMACH NY totes - a must for the slightly less chipper. Twee Shirts, $15.

We're suckers for seersucker to begin with but coupled with a giant red sailboat appliqué...just try and resist it! The bag packs flat but can fit everything making it a long weekend must. J.Crew, $60

Obnoxious? A little. A must-have? For sure. These $12 MJ totes are priced just right for a chic guilt-free "use 'em then toss 'em" summer bag. Available at Marc Jacobs stores only.

A flare for design is a badge of honor with Fred Flare's cheeky Crafternoon tote. Fred Flare, $24

Thursday, June 21, 2007

From Haute to Bothered - NONSTOP

In what promises to be our last IANAPB post, it is our distinct displeasure to report that the $15 eco-bags are currently being hocked for as much as $159 on ebay. That's TEN times the original price. For shame sharks! H&B will gladly offer up some MUCH cuter alternatives shortly (while remaining mum on whether or not she would have done the same if given the opportunity). Stay tuned...

Sale On Silverbirds (Ok, Goldbirds Too!)

Save up to 50% on Chloe, Lanvin, DFV, Mayle, Trovata & more without having to claw people at Barneys online sale. Going on now.
Jean-Michel Cazabat Open Toe Metallic Platform, $180

Lanvin Metallic Maxi Miss, $1199

Picky Picky

To be filed under: Do as I say, not as I do...

Confession: I am a repeat offender of the numero uno beauty editor cardinal sin. The very first thing we are taught (well, after Thou Shalt Worship at the House of SWAG) is Thou Shalt Not Pick. And yet, for as long as I can remember, my evening wash-up ritual has been extended a solid 30 mins by my scouring my face as if I was screening for skin cancer. Shame on me! I know better. Hell, I preach better. And yet, left to my own devices, I, H&B am picky. SO picky!

Worse even, is how my skin doesn't rebound the way it used to. Melanin deposits draw attention to spots where I've picked and I'm ruining what was once a perfect complexion. I am determined to stop however, and while 12 steps seems excessive, I'm having a good run of success with a 4-step program. After trying nearly every skin lightening, brightening, whitening product on earth, I'm loving Rodan + Field's Reverse line. Created by the dermatologists behind ProActive, the 4-step regimen combines exfoliation, a brightening lotion and finally sunblock to lighten brown spots and even overall skin tone.
One month into using it, my skin truly looks the best it has appeared in a year, and since good behavior begets better behavior, I've really managed to get a much better handle on the picking situation. Redemtion sure does taste sweet.
Rodan + Fields Reverse, $135 for 4 full size products.

Pocket Change: An Open Letter

Dear Designers:

On behalf of hip chicks (literally, I'm talking the 'real women have curves' variety) I implore you, please stop putting pockets everywhere. We're women. We carry bags. Expensive bags. Bags we would tote around with us even if they were empty. We don't need extra cargo space, especially if it is wont to make up look extra wide. We can do that all on our own.



Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I AM NOT... on line

The line outside Anya Hindmarch's downtown boutique as captured by Fashionista

What's that saying? Neither rain nor sleet nor daunting lines will keep fashettes from getting their "I Am Not A Plastic Bag" bag? If only my mail was as reliable.

UPDATE: No one's on line anymore...the bag sold out at all stores within 3 hours. If you must...check for it on ebay or at Whole Foods come July 18th.

Roberto Cavalli Does H&M

Karl Largerfeld may have helped pave the way but pretty soon nary a designer in sight will be without a one-off mass market collaboration. The latest on tap is the whimsical Roberto Cavalli who has just signed on to do a line with Swedish giant H&M. The 45 piece line which includes both mens and womenswear (including lingerie and accessories) will launch on November 8 in 200 stores worldwide.

"As the first Italian designer in the history of H&M, I enthusiastically welcomed this invitation, proud to bring the lively and positive spirit of my work to a new audience, who will be able to see and interpret my style in an individual way. I love freedom and challenges: breaking down barriers, experimenting in different directions. H&M is all this for me. I will add a dash of festivity and dreams," explains Roberto Cavalli.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sneak Peek: FTBC Returns To Its Roots

Ralph Lauren, the founder of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC), is designing this year's limited edition shirt to kick off the CFDA's new global partnership with online e-tailer Net-a-Porter.

"In 1994, I challenged the fashion community to support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer when it was first getting started," Lauren said in a statement to WWD. "What began as the answer to one woman's request has become a global initiative that has raised millions of dollars for breast cancer charities."

The shirt, which will be sold exclusively through Net-a-Porter, will be available in September in a special "fashion closet" devoted solely to FTBC. The closet will be continually updated over the course of the following year with additional exclusive designer pieces. All net profits from the items will benefit FTBC.


FINAL COUNTDOWN: I'm Not a Plastic C'est Arrive

After selling out almost instantaneously in England, Anya Hindmarch's "I Am Not a Plastic Bag" is finally going on sale stateside tomorrow. The $15 limited edition bag is sure to incite mayhem, so arriving early is highly recommended. Pre-registration for the bag began a few months ago, but not until tomorrow will e-hopefuls know for sure if they're one of the chosen few. If you're name isn't plucked, queue up at Anya stores early:

New York
29 East 60th Street (10am - 7pm)
115 Greene Street (11am - 7pm)
New Jersey
The Mall at Short Hills (10am - 9pm)
Los Angeles
118 South Robertson Boulevard (11am - 7pm)

Bags will also be available at Fred Segal Flair, Ron Herman, and Holt Renfrew. Remember, all is not lost if you miss out tomorrow. The bags will be sold at Whole Food stores beginning July 18th. Or, diehards can hop the pond to Japan for its July 14th launch.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Piping Hot: Scantily clad models + free coffee

Call it cafe au YAY! Midtowners will find some extra perk in their joe on Tuesday thanks to underwear purveyors 2(x)ist. Between the hours of 7am - noon, nearly nekkid models will give new meaning to 'rise & shine' by passing out free coffee in tighty whities at TrafficCatch Media’s coffee kiosk on Seventh Avenue @ 39th St.

“Having hot guys in their fashionable underwear give out free cups of coffee in the heart of the fashion district is a great way to wake up New Yorkers to the virtues of their product,” said TrafficCatch director Jerry Cahn, adding that “”2(x)ist…is known for providing superb quality, alluring styling and straightforward packaging.” (N.B. That's packagING.)

No word yet on the Naked Cowboy's reaction.

[TONY blog]

Because We're Friends (& Family!): Kooba

Who: H&B's friends & family (that's you!)
What: Kooba Sample Sale
Where: 141 W. 36th Street, 4th Floor
When: Wednesday, June 20th - Friday, June 22nd
Why: If we have to tell you, you probably shouldn't be here (or there!)

You must print the above invite to gain entrée.

Man Oh Manny

Where to begin? Should I start with Karen Duffy, Christina Greeven Cuomo, Jennifer Creel and Carole Radziwill rapping (Got a driver from Jamaica, a tailor from Hong Kong, got a super from ’Rica, a maid named Wong)? Or the breaking news that the Tinz feels "more comfortable being cute” than sexy? Billionaire heiress Holly Peterson has given us so much rich material in the promo for her forthcoming book "The Manny," that we find ourselves no match for its brilliance. One can only hope this is the future of lit.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Breaking News: Gianfranco Ferré Dies

Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré, died today at the age of 62 . He was rushed to the hospital in Milan on Friday after suffering a major cerebral hemorrhage.

Ferré's designs, known for their structure, balance and form reflected his degree in architecture and in fact earned him the nickname "the architect of fashion." He started his own company in the '70s, but it was during his 1989-97 tenure as style director for Christian Dior, that Ferré really burst onto the fashion scene.

His sudden death comes a week before he was to present his menswear line at the shows in Milan, and as of now, it remains unknown whether the show will be staged. Ferré is survived by a brother and sister-in-law, as well as his cousin, Rita Airaghi.

The fashion world responds:

"When I think of Gianfranco Ferre, the idea that comes immediately to mind is the dignity, the calm, the sense of responsibility that he brought to his work" - Giorgio Armani [ANSA].

"I am extremely sad. Ten years after the death of my brother I have lost a dear friend. He was a gentleman of another time. He was an innovator in terms of form. He created fashion that was both spectacular but impeccable at the same time. He was a great courtier that knew how to create absolute chic with details that I'll never tire of looking at and that will remain a part of the history of fashion." - Donatella Versace [ANSA]

"[Ferré embodied] the highest level of style, of artisanship, of creativity. A true artist, pure, a beautiful person who will be missed by the whole fashion world." - Roberto Cavalli [ANSA]

"I really admired him, he was a very generous person, a friend and esteemed colleague, who always greeted me with visible pleasure with a big bear hug." - Anna Molinari [WWD]

"[Ferré] strengthened the ‘Made in Italy' style and his ready-to-wear had an unmistakable, consistent elegance. He will be remembered for his remarkable persona." - Ferruccio Ferragamo [WWD]

Friday, June 15, 2007


Christmas has come early this year fashion fiends! City Hall has just passed a resolution in which come July 1, we can bid city sales tax (on shoes and clothes) adieu. This is the perfect weekend send off. Happy Friday everyone.


Elle Woods Moves to the Village

Meet Julian Schnabel's latest project, "Elle Woods does Greenwich Village." The building, located at 360 W. 11th St., has been kept under wraps for most of construction, but as it nears completion, the pink has been released, fashioning quite a loud statement. What's it saying to you?[The Villager]

It's a Beauty FULL Day

Kérastase, the sequel. Garnier did it. So did Frédéric Fekkai and Herbal Essences. So what's the big it? Hair product giants tackling the multi-billion dollar skin care industry. The latest entry in the field is L'Oréal-owned Kérastase. Launching in December, the division will be named Kéraskin Esthetics, and will roll out first in Europe, landing stateside in 2008. "It's an historic step for our division," said Jean-Jacques Lebel, VP and general manager of L'Oréal's Professional Products Division. "The luxury hair salon business has changed. Customers want a total service, not just a haircut." According to WWD, "Kéraskin's lineup includes 34 facial care products created in single-dose packaging for use by L'Oréal-trained professional beauticians — or 'Kérafacialists'— in luxury hair salons. In addition, a 17-unit line of premixed monodose products will be available for customers to buy. The items contain lower levels of the active ingredients used in the salon version of the line. While the exact lineup is yet to be revealed, products will include Resculpting Mature Skin Cream, Mattifying Immersion Fluid, Waterproof Make-Up Remover, Post-Floral Peeling Balm and Mineralizing Toner."
Smells like Prada and Gucci. Luxe Italian powerhouses, Prada & Gucci both have new fragrances launching this fall that pay homage to the brands' traditions: Gucci's new scent, Gucci by Gucci, the first by creative director Frida Giannini, is set to launch in October, and was previewed this past Wednesday by editors at Trump World Tower. "The Gucci by Gucci flacon—a vintage, faceted brown glass bottle—is designed to capture the rich spirit of the house’s traditions. Modernized by sleek, powerful lines and an elusive profile, the brand’s hallmark is remembered in the form of its jewelry: an iconic, golden horse bit necklace that symbolizes femininity. The opulent, chocolate brown outer packaging, wrapped in ribbon inspired by the iconic Gucci webbing, exudes a preciousness echoing Giannini’s powerful yet feminine aesthetic. Once opened, the adored interlocking GG pattern is revealed, emblazoned in gold on the packaging interior, "reports The Daily. UPDATE: According to, a Gucci-The Fragrance-mini-movie is in the works (think Kidman/Chanel)...Come September, Prada is launching Infusion d'Iris, the house's 2nd women's scent, but first to boast Prada's logo. The vintage-inspired bottle was designed by Miuccia herself and features a metal plate stamped with the Prada logo. [WWD]
Extras. Sunken Trésor: Kate Winslet to face Lancôme's upcoming Trésor campaign...Marc Jacobs & candleman Harry Slatkin are both launching new home fragrance lines...Sexxxy Clive Owen tapped as the latest spokesman for Lancôme Men treatment line and Hypnôse Homme - steamy!

And Now The News: Media Blitz

Details, Details. Lest we spark a gay riot, for the record, this is pure rumor mongering: murmurs in the ad community say Details could be going the way of the DoDo (and Teen People, Elle Girl, FHM, Premiere, Life, Organic Style, Cargo, For Me, Weekend, et al). "A source in the advertising industry has begun thinking that Details' days are numbered, spurred by the fact that many of latest issue's ads came through from bundled corporate ad sales, instead of from the Details team, as a cross-magazine buy." Guess we'll have to wait with baited breath but H&B cautions, be on the lookout for "Gay or Unemployed?" [Gawker]

Bachelor Pad. Dennis Publishing has found a new home for Maxim, Stuff, & Blender. The 3 lad titles have been acquired by ex-Wenner exec, Kent Brownidge and private equity firm Quadrangle for ~$235-250 million. [WWD]

Dear Graydon. From the mailbag: "I am my wits end, and I was told to contact you as a last resort. I no longer wish to receive the magazine Vanity Fair. Someone bought it for me as a gift in 2003, and it will not stop. If I want read about George Clooney's colonoscopy, I will just read US Magazine. If you could tell me how to cancel my subscription, I would be grateful." [Gawker]

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Like OMG, this site is like so, totally, cheesy

Meet OMG!, Yahoo's latest TMZesque-imitation-is-the-highest-form-of-flattery-entertainment site. The site reeks fromage - heck look at all that orange! And, frankly one would think that with Yahoo's bucks, they could've come up with something a tad less amateur-looking. But alas, all we've come away with is a craving for Orange Julius. [via gawker]

Because We're Friends (and Family): L&T

L&T Friends and Family Pass

Haute Off The Presses: Fetishes, Finales & Family Style

Eve's Fetish
It's take two for rapper Eve's clothing line, Fetish []

Kitson Gets the MIN-imum
US Weekly settles with LA celeb haunt Kitson [HuffPo]

Ferragamo Acts Childish
If CoCo can inspire a children's book and Prada nursery rhymes, surely Ferragamo can get in on the action []

Haute Finds: What a Doll

Back in the day, when it came to paper dolls, we were more Holly Hobby than Halston Hats. So while we were otherwise occupied fashioning ourselves, it appears paper dolls were busy doing some growing up of their own.

Thanks to Donald Hendricks, a fashion and beauty illustrator whose work has appeared in Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmo, we've been wasting tons of time e-dressing up the likes of Jackie O., Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr, Pia Douwes, and even Hillary Clinton in designer duds by Armani, Dior, and Versace to name a few. The site features tons of different eras and juxtaposes fictional characters (Jane Austen's Emma, Little Women's Beth, Jo, Amy & Meg) and their real life counterparts with aplomb.

Actual paper dolls can be purchased online or you can just click and play to your heart's content.

Why Bother? The DSW Edition

Boredom often results in H&B rifling through DSW's pickings. It's local. It's got thousands of shoes. It should be a no brainer. But here's the thing - H&B haaaaaaaaaates DSW. It's running the biggest sham in fashion. During a walk through its designer shoe section you'll likely find loads of Marc Jacobs, Moschino and Casadei shoes and yes, they are discounted. They probably are priced between $350 - 400. Too bad you could've bought the very same shoes at Saks, Bergdorf, Bloomingdales (or even say, the MJ store itself) for a third of the price during their sales. Hiss! The informed shopped (read: one who spends far too much time refreshing Neiman's Last Call) will know this, but what about those other poor soles (couldn't resist, sorry!) out there? For shame, DSW! You've got us all BOTHERED!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Haute Off the Presses: Cause Celebs

Saving Face. Neutrogena has just named Jennifer Garner its latest spokesperson. Expect to see this 'over-the-hiller' hocking anti-aging products in future print and tv spots. []

From Volley to Velvet. Volleyball star cum model, Gabrielle Reece has just partnered with sportswear line Velvet to create a 9-piece t-shirt collection originally entitled Velvet for Gabrielle Reece. []

What a Scrub. With her Grey's contract still up for negotiation, wily Katherine Heigl has come up with a Plan B. Jumping on the celeb/designer bandwagon (see above!) she is launching a fash line of -- wait for it -- SCRUBS! "The Katherine Heigl Collection of medical scrubs and medical uniforms for women will debut this fall and revolves around four different looks meant to reflect Heigl's vibrant on-screen character Dr. Izzie Stevens of 'Grey's Anatomy.' Peaches Uniforms said the new line will be available nationwide in select stores or online and each item will be priced under $25." []

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Haute Finds: Botkier & Tumi's Love Child

What: GoGo Gear's Katarina Bag

Why: Nevermind geek chic; like some haute romp between Botkier and Tumi this laptop bag is seriously fashion forward. Made of chocolate-y, grommeted brown leather, and featuring a removeable makeup case and retractable handle, it is a must for betty business types.

Where: $379.95 at or

Gatecrasher v. Jill Stuart: Who knows best?

Lindsay Lohan, Ben Widdicombe and Jill Stuart CEO Ron Curtis walk into a bar. While the joke probably isn't all that funny, various punchlines are circulating among the higher-ups at the brand.

According to today's Gatecrasher, Lohan is getting axed as the face of Jill Stuart's fall ad campaign (shot by Mario Sorrenti) on account of her boozin' and rehabbing ways. Ben Widdicombe reports, "The Japanese [Jill Stuart] licensee paid for it, and they wanted to pull the plug when she went to rehab," says a source. "Japan accounts for the lion's share of the business."

So what does the company's CEO have to say about it? "The ads are running as planned, and we have the utmost support for Lindsay and her rehabilitation, and she is doing great," he said. "They will also appear in all of the major lifestyle fashion magazines for fall in Asia and the U.S."

I love this joke! It's like the Aristocrats - everyone's got their own version. Forget what the CEO says, Widdicombe revisits his source with "very close knowledge of the deal.":

'The day Lindsay appeared on the front page of the newspaper crashed out in the front seat of the SUV, the Japanese informed Ron Curtis they no longer wanted to be involved. And they are the ones who financed the campaign.'"

So who's right? Curtis? An unnamed source? Widdicombe?

Curious minds want to know!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Private H.Stern Sale

What: By appointment only H. Stern private sale

Why: Because discounted diamonds are a girl's REAL best friend! And, 30 - 50% off select H. Stern collections should fit the bill.

Where: 645 5th Ave. (enter on 51st)

When: Wednesday, June 13 & Thursday June 14 from 10 am - 5:30 pm

R.S.V.P. To make an appt. call 212.688.0300 or email

Friday, June 08, 2007

Wishing I Could JUST DO IT

I always want what I can't have. Men; entree to doorless, speakeasies and unpublished lounges; limited edition everything. I mean, take Goyard for example - I think their bags are tote-ally ugly ($2K for vinyl? C'mon!) but with their steep price tag keeping them at arm's length, I am one step shy of a full-on Veruka Salt-"I want an ugly bag right now!"-moment.

Playing hard to get these days is Nike's Project: Classified, an invite-only "secret society adopted for the fitness community." Pitter Patter! Exclusive? Cardio-fueled? I can feel the whine bubbling up inside me. Since April of last year, 100 women have been asked to five events throughout the city at venues including Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank and the Roof Deck at SoHo house via a hand delivered invitation. Comparing the society to a Birkin-bag wait list or a reservation at the Waverly Inn (pre-opening, natch) in yesterday's WWD, Nike says, "Project: Classified brings that same emotion and standard to their fitness regime, creating an authentic and aesthetic experience that is anything but predictable. Project: Classified wasn't created for just a girl in New York, but a girl who takes on New York." Um, ok. Sounds a bit hokey, but still, call me Nike, Call meeeeeee!

Help crack Project:Classified open. Haute wants in!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

LOVE is in the air

June 8 is LOVE day, or at least over at Cartier it is. In honor of the company's 2nd LOVE day anniversary, it has launched, an interactive website designed by web genius, John Maeda.

Eight artists including French filmmaker, Olivier Dahan, Zoe Mendelson, Flavia da Rin and Yako Takeyama tackle the question, "How far would you go for love?" through various mediums including videos, films, photography, drawings, and natch a blog, on the site.

So, in deference to this most important of days, here's the latest object of my LOVE! LOVE! LOVE: Cartier's Love watch in rose gold. I stumbled across the beauty in Bergdorf a few weeks ago and I am not afraid to admit that what started as a hard core crush is fully blossoming into birds-singing love. Mounted on a thin leather strap, the face is set in 18K rose gold with 3 alternating diamonds and screws. If memory serves, it retails for ~$6,800.

Simply LOVE-ly!

Cartier Carry-all

Breaking from tradition, luxe jeweler Cartier is hoping to launch the next "it" bag with Marcello, a modern leather satchel aimed at its trendier clientelle. The bag, which will launch worldwide mid-June, will be available in 3 sizes and some pretty bold colors by Cartier's standards including tan, midnight blue, pink and a zebra ponyskin.

Incorporating the house's jewelry heritage, the bags will be customizable with gold and even platinum. “Cartier is number one in bespoke jewelry. We have bespoke fragrances. We do custom watches,” said Bernard Fornas, president of Cartier International. “We thought we should be able to do custom-made bags, too. We want to be able to create a woman’s dream bag.”
Marcello by Cartier, $1,000+.

Faux-cus on Fakes

Chinatown and eBay may be the prom king and queen of the faux trade but they're not the only ones ruffling feathers. In the first of a wave of suits, Fendi has just settled a claim with Sam's Club, a division of Wal-mart, that it had been selling counterfeit Fendi bags. The settlement amount has been undisclosed but the suit charged the warehouse with selling "significant quantities" of items valued "in the millions of dollars," according to WWD. Perhaps most upset by the news should be Burlington Coat Factory, Filene's Basement, Annie Sez, Ashley Reed and Colton International who are next up on Fendi's list, each with similiar lawsuits pending.

Want to avoid being taken? offers the following tips on how to spot a fake:

Location, Location, Location
First and foremost, purchasing luxury goods at a brand’s boutique, Web site or authorized dealer is your best bet to insure buying a genuine product. Items at flea markets, home parties, from street vendors or unauthorized Web sites are likely to be fake.

The Price is Right
Quality and exclusivity account for the high price of luxury goods. So, if the price seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Construction Sites
Craftsmanship is a main point of distinction with luxury goods. Sloppy stitches in less visible areas – such as the underside of a product or inside pockets – is likely the result of counterfeit production.

Package Deal
Luxury retailers meticulously package their products, including tissue paper, authenticity cards, product care information, and superior quality boxes and shopping bags. If you see a plastic wrap covering or a flimsy dust bag, it's probably a fake. For example, counterfeit manufacturers will often wrap the handles of handbags in plastic.

Counterfeiters will often misspell designer names. Check for letters that are swapped or a letter that is capitalized that shouldn’t be, and vice versa.

Check the Hardware
With most luxury accessories, you will find the logo on all the metal pieces, such as zippers, latches, snaps and buckles.

Read the Label
In a genuine article of luxury clothing, most often the label is stitched in, whereas counterfeit clothes are likely to have a less expensive hangtag. Also check the country of origin on the label.

Timely Tips
Makers of fake watches may not replicate unusual features, such as a helium relief valve. If the feature is available, often times it does not function.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fashion, Baby!

Taking your fashette from coo-coo to Coco is serious business these days. Barbies come clad in Reem Acra, Zac Posen, DVF and Anna Sui. Marc Jacobs has introduced a 'lil luxe line (in case your daughter isn't Dakota Fanning). And, miraculously Cookie hasn't even folded. So what to do if you've exhausted, "This Little Piggy Went to Prada?" Grab a copy of Elizabeth Matthews' "Different Like Coco" mais oui! It's Gabriel Chanel's 'rags-to-riches' story illustrated and saccharined for children aged 5 - 9.

While it may not be entirely true to her story, it's far chic-er than "The Cat & The Hat." And maybe, had it been around earlier, I might've traded in my red stripes for some pearls a bit sooner.

Different Like Coco, $16.99,


(Click on image to enlarge)

H&B has issued a moratorium on the word 'Bridezilla' (RIP!) but she's missing it right about now. See, she was just introduced (albeit via Fwd.) to Katie, a bride-to-be, who has solved the age-old quagmire, "How do you safeguard your wedding from the possible havoc of a fat bridesmaid with short nails?"

From: Masters, Katie
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 4:22 PM
Subject: Bridesmaid Contract

Hey!!!Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!! I have attached a contract that I would like everyone to look over and either fax back to me or bringwith you when I see you on Sunday. If you have any questions please let me know!! Remember the planning bride is a happy bride :)
Love Ya! Katie

I'm not entirely sure which is worse - having it in print that you once wore David's Bridal or having to sign off on future children for awhile. After receiving nationwide attention, Masters claims to have been 'kiddding.' Too bad her bridesmaids - including her sisters - weren't in on the joke.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Haute off the Presses

POSTcards from the Edge
Stay classy NY Post! [NY Post]

CFDA Winners! CFDA Winners!
Oscar, Proenza, Lam & Lim. Plus, Olsens, Oprah and O so many celebs. []

The Odd Couple
Fresh on the heels of the reunion of Amy Fisher & Joey B., comes word that Jon Ramsey, father of murdered child pageant queen JonBenet, and Beth Holloway Twitty, mother of vanished-in-Aruba teen, Natalee Holloway, are dating. Cold cases apparently make strange bedfellows. [Fox News]