Friday, June 15, 2007

And Now The News: Media Blitz

Details, Details. Lest we spark a gay riot, for the record, this is pure rumor mongering: murmurs in the ad community say Details could be going the way of the DoDo (and Teen People, Elle Girl, FHM, Premiere, Life, Organic Style, Cargo, For Me, Weekend, et al). "A source in the advertising industry has begun thinking that Details' days are numbered, spurred by the fact that many of latest issue's ads came through from bundled corporate ad sales, instead of from the Details team, as a cross-magazine buy." Guess we'll have to wait with baited breath but H&B cautions, be on the lookout for "Gay or Unemployed?" [Gawker]

Bachelor Pad. Dennis Publishing has found a new home for Maxim, Stuff, & Blender. The 3 lad titles have been acquired by ex-Wenner exec, Kent Brownidge and private equity firm Quadrangle for ~$235-250 million. [WWD]

Dear Graydon. From the mailbag: "I am my wits end, and I was told to contact you as a last resort. I no longer wish to receive the magazine Vanity Fair. Someone bought it for me as a gift in 2003, and it will not stop. If I want read about George Clooney's colonoscopy, I will just read US Magazine. If you could tell me how to cancel my subscription, I would be grateful." [Gawker]