Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It was indeed a Beauty Rush at Victoria's Secret's pop-up candy store on 52nd and Broadway today. Bringing to life every girl's dream spread, there was tons of candy, a dais of beauty products, bubbly and the oh so important presence of flashing bulbs. Visting the candy shoppe when we stopped by were the resplendent Rachel Hunter and reality show scenster Britney Gastineau.

Open today only, the red carpet was rolled out to introduce a host of new products including its Beauty Rush body line, inspired by its wildly popular gloss of the same name. The line features body washes, lotions and mists in yummy scents like Grapefruit Blast, Appletini and Strawberry Fizz. Come to think of it, thank goodness there was candy on-hand. Those scents make me want sweets all over again.