Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cartier Carry-all

Breaking from tradition, luxe jeweler Cartier is hoping to launch the next "it" bag with Marcello, a modern leather satchel aimed at its trendier clientelle. The bag, which will launch worldwide mid-June, will be available in 3 sizes and some pretty bold colors by Cartier's standards including tan, midnight blue, pink and a zebra ponyskin.

Incorporating the house's jewelry heritage, the bags will be customizable with gold and even platinum. “Cartier is number one in bespoke jewelry. We have bespoke fragrances. We do custom watches,” said Bernard Fornas, president of Cartier International. “We thought we should be able to do custom-made bags, too. We want to be able to create a woman’s dream bag.”
Marcello by Cartier, $1,000+.