Friday, June 08, 2007

Wishing I Could JUST DO IT

I always want what I can't have. Men; entree to doorless, speakeasies and unpublished lounges; limited edition everything. I mean, take Goyard for example - I think their bags are tote-ally ugly ($2K for vinyl? C'mon!) but with their steep price tag keeping them at arm's length, I am one step shy of a full-on Veruka Salt-"I want an ugly bag right now!"-moment.

Playing hard to get these days is Nike's Project: Classified, an invite-only "secret society adopted for the fitness community." Pitter Patter! Exclusive? Cardio-fueled? I can feel the whine bubbling up inside me. Since April of last year, 100 women have been asked to five events throughout the city at venues including Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank and the Roof Deck at SoHo house via a hand delivered invitation. Comparing the society to a Birkin-bag wait list or a reservation at the Waverly Inn (pre-opening, natch) in yesterday's WWD, Nike says, "Project: Classified brings that same emotion and standard to their fitness regime, creating an authentic and aesthetic experience that is anything but predictable. Project: Classified wasn't created for just a girl in New York, but a girl who takes on New York." Um, ok. Sounds a bit hokey, but still, call me Nike, Call meeeeeee!

Help crack Project:Classified open. Haute wants in!