Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Singing the Rainy Day Blues

Just try hiding your mood! If designers have anything to say about it, you'll be wearing your moody blues on your sleeves, and shoes, and, nails and... From Cobalt-covered runways to a rush on blue nail polish, fashion has a serious case of the blues.

Haute Off the Presses

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Monday, April 16, 2007

By George: London Bridged

Design-hounds rejoice! Crossing the pond for offbeat British d├ęcor just got astronomically simpler (not to mention cheaper) with the launch of Rockett St George’s new online home and gift shop. Featuring a carefully curated collection of house wares, jewelry and giftware, the site showcases local British talent in a pared down, gotta-have-everything fashion.

Haute picks include:

Jethro Macey’s concrete lace tiles (above left). At once utilitarian and delicate, they make for some of the most romantic flooring we’ve seen in quite some time.

Susan Bradley’s brill Creep shelves. Available in black or white, these aesthetic pleasers feature a rose bough that ornately “climbs” the wall — watering not necessary!

And natch, the smokin’ Annie Gunn Mirror. With “Rebel Yell” written all over it, the mirror’s the perfect way to add some bang to your mantel or wall. What can we say? We want, “More! More! More!”

Rockett St George ships internationally. British dandy indeed!

Gone in a Flash

Ugly Dolls? Been there. Designer toys? Done that. We’re jonesing for a little function with our form these days. And by way of a rockabilly trio, we’ve found the freshest way to add tons of splash to our flash. Well, flash-drive anyway. Mimobots are designer USB flash-drives (available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB for both Macs and PCs) that make storing and transporting pics, files, tunes and all things digital as stylish and uncliched as you!

Part of Mimoco’s limited edition artists series, the Ginchys feature the attitude-amped Ramona, Link and Betty-Lou. Designed through the collaborative work of three cross-sectional artists — Lili Chin (co-creator of the WB cartoon “¡La Lucha!”), Brian McCartney (renowned toy photographer) and Phofo (indie DJ and trial lawyer!) — each two-inch ‘bot has a story that is brought to life through a digital slide show and kickass soundtrack that is featured on the flash-drive. Produced in limited quantity (500 each), these numbered collectibles are the most rockin’ way we’ve found to play it safe. Now back up!

Available at www.mimoco.com