Wednesday, June 17, 2009

H&M CHOOSes Jimmy Choo for Next Collaboration

Coming on the heels of Matthew Williamson's recent H&M success, is Jimmy Choo, the latest brand - and first accessories company - to be selected by Swiss retail giant H&M for a designer collaboration. Bowing November 14 in 200 stores across the world, the occasion marks another first - Jimmy Choo will extend its line for this collection to include women’s clothing to as well as accessories for men.

“We adore Jimmy Choo’s shoes and bags. They are glamorous and sexy, and they add instant style to the simplest of outfits. I like the way we have worked with clothes to accessorize the shoes and bags rather than the other way around. This collaboration is particularly exciting because it’s our first shoe designer collection (photo above shows 2 pieces of the line). It’s a joy to be able to offer top end designer shoes and bags of excellent quality to our customers,” says Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor, H&M.

“We are privileged to be among the fashion greats who have been affiliated with H&M so far, and to be designing a collection appealing to fashion savvy, street smart women, and to be including some great pieces for men, too,” says Tamara Mellon, Founder and President, Jimmy Choo.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Superflat: Superfly?

Six years after introducing his first Louis Vuitton collection, Takashi Murikami is back with a duo of sequels: a new collection and a new anime.

In this newest video, Superflat First Love, a follow up to Superflat Monogram, Aya follows around a small panda (despite the fact that he swallows her whole) and winds up after a series of trippy jaunts in the studio of a 14-year-old Gaston Louis Vuitton (why this never happens to us, we will never understand). Love at first monogram? Check it out for yourself.

[via Fashionologie]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vera Wang To Dance With the Stars

E! News reports that Vera Wang is the first celeb to be tapped for next season's 'Dancing with the Stars.' The 60-yr-old designer, a former ice skater, is sure to add some serious style.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

End is Near for Eluxury eTailing

On the bright side? Nina Ricci, Proenza, Rag & Bone and 3.1 Phillip Lim at 60% off.

[via Racked]

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lick It Up Babies, Lick It Up!

Neon is already everywhere and the film industry is going Lady Gaga over 80s films (hello forthcoming remakes of 'Footloose' and 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'). So can rubber bracelets and Aquanet be that far behind?

All of this plastic fantastic culminates in a most exciting/taunting bit of news from Winona Ryder - according to an interview in the July issue of Empire magazine (we haven't heard of it either) a sequel is in the works for cult-classic 'Heathers.'

Now, we would never say that dear Winona is unreliable, but apparently, she's been singing this song for years and the director and writer deny it is happening. That said, this time she swears it's true:

"Whatever you hear there is a sequel in the works, I swear to God."

F@#% me gently with a chainsaw! Don't toy with us like this Winona. We're already teasing our hair in anticipation.

[via EW]

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

La Vie MH

Marion Cotillard, the Oscar-winning star of La Vie en Rose and the current face of Lady Dior, caused a paparazzi frenzy when she arrived at the Louis Vuitton tower on 57th Street earlier today (conveniently located above Dior) to show her support for the company's "Bike in Style" award ceremony.

Graciously stopping to take pictures in front of the store, the actress looked downright stunning, with her short and sleek and a trés feminine Dior suit.

The challenge charged FIT students with designing stylish, practical and affordable biking essentials--a poncho, a jacket and a travel bag for both men and women--in support of Mayor Bloomberg’s bicycling promotion initiatives.

Prototypes of winner Jessica Velasquez's designs will be unveiled this summer, in conjunction with the return of the City’s “Summer Streets,” program which closes to cars a 6.9-mile route from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park for people to run, bike or walk on three Saturday mornings in August.

Also present were LVMH Chairman Renaud Dutre, Donna Karan, Hillary Duff (on behalf of DKNY) and FIT's Dr. Valerie Steele.

Act Two: Marie Claire, The Nina Years

The changes that everyone's been expecting since Nina Garcia arrived at Marie Claire have apparently begun. According to Page Six, it's curtains for market director Kathryn Floyd and market editor Paula Knight and enter stage right for junior staffers Nina Sterghiou and Christine Kistner.

A rep for the magazine told Page Six, "Under Nina Garcia, a few organizational changes were made to the fashion department."