Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Haute Off the Presses: Cause Celebs

Saving Face. Neutrogena has just named Jennifer Garner its latest spokesperson. Expect to see this 'over-the-hiller' hocking anti-aging products in future print and tv spots. []

From Volley to Velvet. Volleyball star cum model, Gabrielle Reece has just partnered with sportswear line Velvet to create a 9-piece t-shirt collection originally entitled Velvet for Gabrielle Reece. []

What a Scrub. With her Grey's contract still up for negotiation, wily Katherine Heigl has come up with a Plan B. Jumping on the celeb/designer bandwagon (see above!) she is launching a fash line of -- wait for it -- SCRUBS! "The Katherine Heigl Collection of medical scrubs and medical uniforms for women will debut this fall and revolves around four different looks meant to reflect Heigl's vibrant on-screen character Dr. Izzie Stevens of 'Grey's Anatomy.' Peaches Uniforms said the new line will be available nationwide in select stores or online and each item will be priced under $25." []