Thursday, June 28, 2007

H&M Stinks Big Time

It's 95 degrees in New York and when you tack on the humidity it feels closer to 140. It's hot. I'm hardly disagreeing. But, and this is a big BUT...that is no excuse for what is going on at H&M 59th Street. The store reeks, and i mean, serious stank people, of BO. Foolishly, I waited on line for a dressing room (they had some very cute dresses!) assuming it was someone on line that had the problem. When I reached an actual dressing room though, I was completely bowled over. It was intolerable - how were people making do? I walked out as quickly as I had walked in, just as an attendant was spraying bathroom disinfectant. I inquired if the situation was any better downstairs...she hesitated and I answered for her, she nodded confirming the stink was everywhere. For shame H&M. For shame New Yorkers. Use deodorant. Get that new Secret over-the-counter-yet-prescription-strength stuff. But don't, DON'T stink up an entire store. Ew, what a BOTHER!