Thursday, June 07, 2007

LOVE is in the air

June 8 is LOVE day, or at least over at Cartier it is. In honor of the company's 2nd LOVE day anniversary, it has launched, an interactive website designed by web genius, John Maeda.

Eight artists including French filmmaker, Olivier Dahan, Zoe Mendelson, Flavia da Rin and Yako Takeyama tackle the question, "How far would you go for love?" through various mediums including videos, films, photography, drawings, and natch a blog, on the site.

So, in deference to this most important of days, here's the latest object of my LOVE! LOVE! LOVE: Cartier's Love watch in rose gold. I stumbled across the beauty in Bergdorf a few weeks ago and I am not afraid to admit that what started as a hard core crush is fully blossoming into birds-singing love. Mounted on a thin leather strap, the face is set in 18K rose gold with 3 alternating diamonds and screws. If memory serves, it retails for ~$6,800.

Simply LOVE-ly!