Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chin Up

Precious tends to be right up my alley, hence when it comes to the home, I am especially drawn to Italian houseware-co. Alessi.

Newly added to their "SO CUTE" roster is the Mr. & Mrs. Chin Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, designed by Stefano Giovannoni with Rumiko Takeda, in collaboration with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan. How'd that happen you ask? The collaboration grew out of the museum's desire to broaden its horizons and understand more of western culture, and at the same time promote Chinese history in the West. Stefano Giovannoni created the Chin family as a "mascot" for the new Museum.

Mr. and Mrs. Chin, the Salt and pepper set, come in a specially lithographed box and are available at Fitzsu for $48. Enter DCFITZSU to save 25% at checkout (courtesy of DailyCandy)