Monday, October 22, 2007

Masstige Misses

Some one-off lines are brill (witness most of the Go designers as well as the H&M collaborations) but why don't the accessories lines every work? Holly Dunlop's recent line Hollywould for Target is the perfect example of this - from a distance it looks like it could be cute and then up close...Hollywouldn't! Hollyshouldn't!

I get that material plays a big role in this - obviously pleather is going to look cheap compared to leather but there are other materials that can be employed that surely could make these lines work better. Rafe's bags for Target bombed, Devi Kroell's similiarly looked cheap and Hollywould's is a disappointment too.

Have you seen a haute one-off accessories line? We wanna know about it. Drop us a comment!