Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feeling Oprah-timistic

What's an 8-minute Oprah segment worth? If you're Adam Lippes, creative director of Adam Adam Lippes, the answer is a whopping $500,000.

Last spring, the designer appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and within a week, saw sales of $500,000 — if that doesn't seem high to you (you jaded, jaded readers!), consider this: that amount was half of his ANNUAL projected Internet sales. Half! Talk about the big O!

"Chicago has a really fond place in my heart," Lippes said this past week (tactfully omitting "and wallet!"). "[The Oprah endorsement] was one of the biggest events of my life."

Thanks to an investment from The Atelier Fund to the tune of $9.5 million for a 35 percent stake Lippes will open his first freestanding store in the Meatpacking District and launch a new web site - shopadam.com. Both are set to open on November 23.