Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And while we're on the subject

...of things that have my panties in a knot... What's up with Neiman's Christmas catalog being out already? I'm sorry, but it's barely a second into October...the temperature is still in the high 70s (80s tomorrow!)... and it's just. too. soon.

Had I not been all haute and scrooged however, and if I did peek inside, I might have been somewhat in awe of its "Fantasy Gifts" section which may include a dragon topiary ($35K), his and her portraits in Bosco chocolate ($100K), a private classical concert by the Kirov Orchestra for up to 499 of your nearest and dearest hosted by - who else? - Regis Philbin ($1.59M) and a rocket racing team franchise (a cool $2M).

But I didn't. Because it's October. And that's not Christmas shopping season. Period.