Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flights of Fancy

The rarest of birds, the Coutorture, delivered a most delightful surprise to our nest yesterday. Now, packages of any sort generally get our mood soaring but we're still twitting around a good 24 hours later thanks to the unexpected arrival of Sephora's Smokey Eye Kit.

This eight piece set includes five Sephora Professionelle (ooh la la, how French!) brushes - wide smudge, all over shadow, small domed smudge, detail and dual-sided brow brush and comb- a volumizing mascara and a how-to smoke 'em if ya got 'em instructional guide all housed in a chic as can be gunmetal case. Chirptastic, wouldn't you say?

So far, we have yet to spread our smokey eye creating wings but stay tuned as we brush up on our skills. Details to follow chickadees!

Sephora The Smokey Eye Kit, Sephora, $42