Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Ruined My Life

As H&B reported a couple of weeks ago, Henri Bendel was
finally joining the 21st century and taking it to the Web. We cheered! We jeered! And we quasi-patiently waited as the launch date neared...

Oh such fools you made of us! Now that you're live (since Monday actually) we feel only a sense of deep disappointment. Where are the haute bags by up-and-comers? The unrivaled jewelry collection? The accessories? Oh, the accessories (and humanity)! The only thing to peruse or buy is your own Bendel-made products (Bendel's bags, candles, jewelry, etc.). How narcissitic! How tragic! What a buzz kill!

We'll give you that the site looks good, but we want a side of substance with our style - a splash of haute utility, if you will. Such high hopes we had for you -- we pinned our daytime hopes and distraction dreams on you, and now, now just disappointment.

It is out of our love and respect for you that we plead: when you upload your Holiday catalog please make sure there are plenty of fabtastic items available so we can put this ugly little episode behind us. We'd so hate to ruin the beautiful relationship we'd maintained this far.