Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Perfect Summertime Gloss

The loveable Al Roker gives word that today it's to hit 60 degrees here in NY, a balmy delight after the long winter we've weathered. Which reminds us (or at the very least makes for an ideal segue) - while at the mall over the holiday weekend, we had a chance to check out the entire Heatherette collection and we've deemed their Lipglass Sock Hop the perfect summer shade. A soft, neutral coral, it'll flatter pretty much all skin tones and look uh-mazing with a tan. And, even better, we think it'll be the perfect replacement for our favorite discontinued (how could you!) Lancome gloss in coral. Now, if the sun would just come out to play stay.

Heatherette Lipglass in Sock Hop, $14, M.A.C