Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Close Encounters: Rachel Ray & Rachel Roy

Not so in the mood to hurry back to her desk, H&B was ducked into Chelsea Market. Home to the Food Network and Oxygen, the place is booming with foodies and b-listers and you can pretty much always see someone parading through. Anyway, today we heard (long before we saw) Rachel Ray in Chelsea Baskets (we think that's the name). And we can now confirm she is just as cloyingly annoying as she is on tv in person.

With one measely vowel separating them, all we could think was why couldn't it be Rachel ROY? Why not Rachel ROY! Which brings us to our real point...the glamtastic designer is having a sample sale today and tomorrow, with tops and dresses up to 65% off. 148 W. 37th St, (between 7th and Broadway), 2nd fl.