Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Underweight model crisis reached dizzying new heights!

You could literally see straight though the models at yesterday’s Target fashion show, staged in Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall. Straight through! I mean, enough is enough, designers. Real women have curves and stuff. Blah, blah feminism, and damn you air-brushing magazines and, oh screw it...

The ever-innovative Target (the very same brand who once had models scale a building in a vertical fashion runway) for its latest winter and holiday styles presentation, staged a fashion completely without models, using high-def holograms to show off its designer wares. The 3D virtual show was live all day yesterday, allowing passersby to see the clothes and accessories walk, dance and interact – sans models.

Target collection designers Mossimo, Dominique Cohen, Liz Lange, Erin Fetherston, Isaac Mizrahi, Keanan Duffy were on-hand for the first press-show in the morning.