Tuesday, November 20, 2007

H&B PSA: Just say 'Quiz-NO!'

H&B would never imply that her readers are Quiznos eaters but, just in case... We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this "The More You Know..."

Quiznos, one of the last fast food chains to share its nutritional info has recently let the fat, er, cat out of the bag and released the data on its web site. (The info is kinda hidden, and takes a lot of click, click, clicking, but seek and you shall find. Click on a food category under "MENU", scroll down and hit "Show Nutrition Information").

For your sake, H&B really hopes you're not into its sandwiches - or salads for that matter lil miss innocent - the honey mustard dressing alone has 500 calories and 50g fat! Seriously, is that a joke? Sadly, it only heads downhill from there. The worst offender on the menu is the large Tuna Melt Sub, which'll set you back oh, just 2,090 calories & 175g fat...for tuna!

2 of the 5 salads on the menu have 1,000 calories. And, if you thought you'd be 'healthy' and opt for the veggie sub, think again...A large has 1,220 calories and 75 grams of fat. Um, all I want for Christmas is not to have a coronary?

Eek, turning away from fat for a sec... The FDA recommends less than 2,400 mg of Sodium per day for adults. Quizno's has 31 items with over 2,400 mg of Sodium (with one topping 4,000 mg). Can you imagine the bloating?
H&B was too horrified not to post something. Afterall, the more you know...(the better your jeans'll fit).

[Via Petite H&B via Hungry Girl & Fast Food News]