Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Haute Exclusive: Rare Chic Online Discount!

H&B knows her readers are no dime a dozen shoppers. They are always on the prowl for that elusive find, that je ne sais quoi, that rare chic if you will...

Enter Leslie Lewis, a fashion grail chaser who curates the website rarechic.com. With a watchful eye, her shop is populated with some fab up and comers and some recently "just arriveds," including Geren Ford, Reyes, Eventide, Elyse Jacobs, Mike & Chris,Miss Davenport, Gryson and plenty more -- like this Erin Fetherston stunner.

In addition to clothing, there's housewares, including scratch n' sniff wallpaper (how retro!), jewelry and accessories. What's more is just in time for the holidays, RareChic is offering 10% off sitewide (yes, that means all of the sale items too!) to H&B's fashettes. Simply enter Haute10 at checkout for an elusive, exclusive discount. So rare. So chic. So go!