Friday, November 09, 2007

H&B might be 'cracking up'

It's been cold approximately a minute in New York, and aleady our skin is flaky, our bones a bit shaky and our spirit, (we're going there) achy breaky!

Like some twisted O'Henry cosmetic curse (yes, H&B reads!) just when you're wanting moisture, moisture, moisture, the season calls for bolder, deeper, more attention grabbing lipsticks (oh, the cruel irony).

Rest assured mon petite fleurs, we don't bring up the topic simply to whine and rhyme. We've happened upon an answer, a moisturizing balm that's not just tinted but powerfully hued. Therapy Systems, the brand behind the geniously gentle grapefruit exfoliating cleanser (but we digress, focus H&B, focus!), has recently forayed into color adding six tinted balms to its line that pack a serious colored punch.

Don't let the names fool you, the colors are deeper than their names would have you believe (especially the nude, which is actually more of a nutmeg and the bare which is a light mauve). The vitamin E and cocoa butter rich sticks soothe chapped lips and stay put for hours making a strong case for lipstick replacement. And lest we haven't convinced you that these ain't your run of the mill lip-smackers, their chic metallic casing should do the trick.

$22 at, H&B says, "Try 'em out, for sanity's sake-y!"