Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is religion the new black?

So first there was this. Then today, it poured in biblical proportions like something straight out of Evan Almighty the days of twosie-twosies. And now, Marie Claire has this great post about "A Week of Living Biblically." Inspired by A.J. Jacob's new book of the same name (save for it's a year, not a week), MC editor, Cleo Glyde attempts a week sans gossip, designer clothes and makeup (the horror!) in the name of "being a better person."

Here's how things kicked off:

Full of hope, I take out cash for the week to avoid credit cards: "You shall not borrow" (Deuteronomy 28:12). I wait for a green light on an empty street-no jaywalking; it's a civil law. But when a monster, gas-guzzling SUV passes by, I automatically think, God, what an asshole. I'm appalled-an uncharitable, negative thought and taking the Lord's name in vain (Commandment Three) before lunch!

9:30 A.M.
All the womanly fun I take for granted-skirts that swish, floaty chiffon blouses, costume jewelry, and full makeup-are verboten (1 Peter 3:3: "Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, gold jewelry and fine clothes"). Ecclesiastes 9:8 narrows it down: "Let your garments always be white"-and mixed fibers are a no-no. Done: This week, everything I wear is 100 percent cotton. Despite working in a building where hems bubble, blowouts reign, and designer accessories are more emblematic than a sheriff's badge, I replace my Furla red-patent clutch with a charity feed bag in reversible sackcloth. I am totally defanged as an urban player.

Could you do it? H&B hates to back down from a challenge but come on? No hair products? No AmEx? What is that quote, "Give me fashion or give me death?" What are your deal breakers, sinners?