Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SATC The Movie: The Clothes

Shout out to People for this great sneak peek of some of the Sex and the City gangs' wardrobe for the now-shooting flick. Can't say it's a surprise to find Sarah Jessica Parker in a giant flower - but this is definitely the largest one yet (perhaps its size is somehow correlated to screentime length?). In the next photo, it appears she's toting around the Eiffel Tower as a bag (Does she miss The Rusky? Does she just wear totally whacked out fashions? What does it mean?). Landmarks aside, it does appear that she is *gasp* wearing the same shoes in both scenes...how utterly tragic! Meanwhile, is Charlotte with child? She looks pretty filled out. So much can happen in two years! Pregnancy! Shoe-reruns! My, my. If it wasn't for that flower I'd say it was like we don't know them at anymore.