Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Going Fete-a-Fete with Jin Soon

H&B kicked off the holiday weekend in the most fabulous of manners. With two of her closest friends in town, she paid the divine nail salon Jin Soon a visit for sinfully indulgent pedicures made all the more so by the accompanimient of a delicious bottle of Ruinart Brut Rose champagne (so we drank it out of green tea mugs - that's just how we roll!).

Jin Soon herself, renown in the worlds of celebrity, fashion, beauty and magazine, was on hand and could not have been more down to earth or accomodating. Allowing us to treat the salon like our overly pristine living room, the spirit was jovial and relaxed, as if we'd all known each other forever.

The pedicures themselves were heaven-scent (pun-intended) with wonderfully aromatic essential oils and a warmed lotion massage. And as one fickle friend exclaimed, "Look how they bleach the tubs. I'm so turned on!"

All in all, I give the salon and Jin Soon herself an A++. With a variety of different pedis to choose from, it can totally be squeezed into any budget. H&B says, Go. Go, now!