Monday, September 10, 2007

Dramedy of Errors

Despite any chic-aspirations I may possess, it would seem the universe has entirely other plans in mind. Take yesterday. I was invited to Brunch at Tiffany's (like breakfast only not) for a press event introducing its 2008 Blue Book Collection. On a whim, moments before leaving, I decided to try one of the Go Smile whitening samples I had received a day earlier from Sephora. In what can only be a mean mean joke of the powers that be, my teeth remained the exact same shade but my gums turned this awful white giving the impression that I had large bits of chicken stuck between my teeth. In a panic, I scraped furiously at my gums - which only made the situation worse - and eventually I gave up, determined not to smile and certainly not to be photographed. Go Smile my @$$. UCH. Not haute. Just bothered.