Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Fashion Bothers

Which is more delightful - the fashion do's or don'ts? Toss up, we say. Here, our picks for "Uch, how could she!"

The Michael Kors dress is a do, but the hair makes her Ellen Pompadont!

Hayden, Hayden, Hayden. Someone really shoulda saved the Cheerleader...'s style!

Jamie Pressley may have won her category but she is sadly a fashion loser.

Ugly Betty? Ugly dress is more like it. And ps Vanessa, your show's on ABC, not the peacock network.

Kyra's style is on the fashion fringe.

Jenna & Hayden could provide refuge for the entire Shrine.

And finally, the Queen Fashion Bother: Ms. Paula never met a fashion mistake she didn't need to own. Here, we thought she was having a wardrobe malfunction, and well, we guess we were right.