Sunday, September 09, 2007

Haute & Boozin'

Friday eve found H&B at the tents for a little snooping and Snoopy-ing. The absurd yet funny Met-Life sponsored Snoopy in Fashion was called for six, and the tent was packed with a less than fashionable crowd. (FYI - Fashion shows never start on time, but instead have you waiting velvet-rope style for a minimum of 30 mins only to attend a show that lasts no longer than 15 mins. Anyway, rawther than herd up, I walked around the various sponsor booths (much less exciting than previous years although Judith Ripka remains a perennial fave - who wouldn't want to be dressed in diamonds???), collecting custom Havainas, and other assorted junk. By 6:30 the crowd was reaching biblical proportions and still wasn't moving, so I made my way to the Moet Hennessy VIP suite to wait in a far more civilized fashion. Having the advantage of a seat assignment inside, I didn't need to queue, and from where I was seated I could sip bubbly and keep an eye on the line. When the line seemed to be down to its final 50 people, I got down from my perch and ducked underneath the ropes to make my way inside. Much to my shock, I was denied entree as the doors had already closed - the room had reached capacity. "But I have a seat," I implored. "Lady, I'm just security, take it up with them - it's THEIR problem." Apparently, while I was busy avoiding waiting, I missed out on getting through the door - and even worse on the gift bag which included the very haute snoopy sno cone machine. Hiss! Bothered much. Thankfully, I didn't care about the actual show and have more to cover. None-the-less, word to the wise - don't drink and take five.