Monday, September 24, 2007

First Peek: Armani Phone

Sleek and elegant without breaking the mold, Giorgio Armani's new mobile - a collaboration with Samsung which will be revealed today at the Armani Teatro before the designer's fashion show- is as refined as his clothing. Developed for the designer's signature and Emporio Armani lines, it will be rolled out in the European market in November and in other countries next year.

The size of a credit card (hope your's is black if you want one!),

the phone operates with a touch-screen interface in which users will feel a mild vibration when they touch the icons. The phone boasts a 3-megapixel camera, an mp3 player, a full internet browser, and of course, a specially designed Giorgio Armani leather carrying case. Unfortunately, it also boasts a price tag that could make even the Apple blush. Currently set at 650 Euro (or $915 at the current exchange!), this puppy don't come cheap (in fact, it's downright obnoxious). But, it is pretty. And rare is it that design is within reach.

Stay tuned...Armani's TV, part of his Armani Casa line to be revealed in early '08.