Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marc Jacobs Scarf Gate '08

We're sure it's just one big coincidence, but some Swedish folks are pretty up in arms that some "Mark guy" ripped off one of their own. The scarves, shown above bear a striking resemblence save for the words emblazoned on them. At right is the "Marc Jacobs since 1984" version and at left, the original, which reads "Linsell," the name of the Swedish village depicted on it.

55-year-old Linsell native, Goran Olofsson, claims that his father Gosta created the scarf in the 1950s. Reports The Local, an English-based paper there, "With its picturesque little church and wood huts, the scarf is very much a product of its origins. In fact, the two bears, the pasque flowers and the coat of arms depicted on the fabric are all symbols of Härjedalen, a county located in northern Sweden."

"It looks like he has just copied it straight off, this Marc guy," said Malin Nyqvist, a spokeswoman for the local tourist office. "I definitely don't think he has been to Härjedalen."