Thursday, April 10, 2008

H&B's Costume Bawl

A very close friend of H&B's is getting married this weekend, and in honor of the occasion (ok, full disclosure: using it as an excuse), I bought a new dress, shoes, underpinnings - the works. And while I have tons of jewelry that would be perfect, I was strolling yesterday and did a double take at one of the most beautiful necklaces I ever did see.

The belle bauble was in Scoop Street's window in the Meatpacking dist. Now - until yesterday, I had no idea what Scoop Street was (Pay attn Scoopsters: no one has any idea how amazing your underground collection of Temperley, Ileana Makri and other edgier designers is. You need to move some items upstairs instead of the Bliss products and books, if you want people to have a clue. But I digress...)

Anyway, this crystal choker by Erickson Beamon was reminiscent of the bibs Vera Wang did a season ago and is seriously perfection in every way. Vintage-inspired, original, and so WOW! WOW! WOW! I was literally salivating over it. Despite having already spent far too much money that I don't have, I reasoned I could go up to around $250. Nervously I asked the shopkeep how much it cost, hoping it was under $300. I wish, dear readers, you could have seen my face when she told me it was $1,140. I NEVER saw that coming.
You can buy some VERY nice REAL diamonds for that readers. And yet I can't stop thinking about it. I wantI wantI want but obviously think that's insaneinsaneinsane. Am I wrong here? How much is too much for costume? What do you guys think?

A similiar but still not nearly as nice Erickson Beamon Suffragette City With Crystal Tassel Necklace, $1,225 at BlueBee