Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doctored Denim - Just Don't Call Them Shrinks!

Your favorite jeans - more reliable than your best friend, more comfortable than your sofa and more flattering than your mother (when she's behaving, bien sur!), are simply irreplaceable.

So what to do when the dreaded - a tear in the seams here... a hole in the knee there - inevitably happens? Anyone who's ever tried the ole bring em to the tailor trick knows that they are never the same, and if they're not, how can you be???

Well, fret (and fray) no longer cabbages...the doctor is in! NYC-based Denim Therapy resurrects tattered jeans by weaving matching denim thread into your blues - no patches guaranteed!

Simply mail in your ailing jeans, and they'll be returned to you within two weeks, perfectly revitalized and ready for business.

Cost: $7 per inch of fabric at