Friday, April 18, 2008

Alphabet Soup: H&B TMI

H&B is pretty sure she's about to disclose far too much right now, but what the heck, the Pope just this second touched down in New York and we're feeling all confession-y.

OK, so H&B has this thing with her family, where she constantly tells them what a genius she is (it's endearing - we swear!), and they constantly deny her by insisting she's merely on the cusp (mean, aren't they!). It's basically been a lifetime of this so just mentioning the word is enough to send her into a fake (although at the heart of it, quasi-real) rage.

Now, bringing it back to fashion / the present / why we're discussing today: Neiman Marcus apparently owns some fashion web site called CUSP (they use capital letters mind you, not us) and they have just this week started to inundate our inbox with CUSP mail. The sender is listed as CUSP (again, in caps) and it is beginning to cause H&B some distress. All we hear is:

Nevermind the site is filled with Loeffler Randall, Phillip Lim, A Common Thread, Trina Turk and so many of our other favorites. We are taunted... haunted... and the emails are unwanted! Leave us be CUSP. For the love of G-d, leave us be!