Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I went to Prada and all I got was this lousy mood

Dispatch from the Prada Sample Sale (also to be filed under Pradaruinsmylife.com)

Today's mood level: Sour (+ whiny). Just returned from the Prada sample sale and am chock full of aggravation, frustration and disappointment. Despite a primo spot on line at the first time slot and a desire to buy, buy, buy I am back at H&B headquarters empty-handed and rain-soaked.

Upon arrival, my sister (mini H&B) and I made a mad dash for bags - which honestly are the bottom of the barrel. There's a one-per-person limit and the pickings are so slim that we spent 45 minutes shadowing a satchel-hogging mother-daughter tag-team that in the end, chose the precise two Miu Mius we had set our eyes on.

Adding more grrrr to the experience is that the merchandise is discounted off retail, not wholesale as they have done in previous seasons, meaning even if you do find something, chances are you're likely better off spending the same on a bag you want than $700-800 on a bag you're settling on.

Finally, shoes were pretty beat up, and apparel was rarely available in more than one size. There were however an abundance of mauve desk accessories and turbans (hurrah!) for $150.

Sad clown. Prada, you've disappointed. H&B is VERY bothered!