Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Che Chic!

Full disclosure: H&B has never seen an episode of Soapnet's Fashionista Diaries

Even fuller: And yet, she is strangely drawn to its logo. Which got her thinking (which clearly is the aim of all Soapnet programming - fostering dialogue, right???)

She has mulled around what she thought were some obvious and not so obvious answers and compiled this list:

Marc Jacobs - You needn't have read this month's Glamour interview with him by Simon Doonan to know he's influenced practically everything in your wardrobe - round toe shoes, trapeze dresses, Marc, Marc, Marc

Margareta van den Bosch - What's that? You haven't heard of her? Well you've surely worn her. Van den Bosch is the head of design for H&M and it is under her helm that the "fast-fashion revolution" has conquered the globe. Overseeing the production of 500 million items of clothing, it's safe to say she's a serious contender.

Miuccia Prada - You never know where Miuccia's whims are going to take her (or us for that matter) but be it robots, parrots, or tie-dye, she is fashion fearless. "When they tell me something won't sell, that is when I want to make it," she has often said.

Mary Kate Olsen - Loathe as I am to include her, MK's homeless/boho look has been watched and imitated relentlessly WITH staying power. How many stars can say that?

Who do YOU think is CHE CHIC?