Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crimes of Fashion

The fashion police are up in arms and somehow, it has nothing to do with Crocs.

Today's NYT Style Section calls attention to a rash of crime that has spread coast-to-coast. And while the criminal offense is purely a matter of style, the police are the badge carrying, siren sounding, Reno-911 sort:

Starting in Louisiana, an intensifying push by lawmakers has determined pants worn low enough to expose underwear poses a threat to the public, and they have enacted indecency ordinances to stop it. Since June 11, sagging pants have been against the law in Delcambre, La., a town of 2,231 that is 80 miles southwest of Baton Rouge. The style carries a fine of as much as $500 or up to a six-month sentence.

While I'm pretty hard-pressed not to agree that it is a crime of fashion, I hardly think the fashion should be a crime. I mean, it's seemingly ok for celebutards to flash their lady parts all over Tinseltown, but baggy pants can spell jail time? Oh the indecency!