Monday, May 05, 2008

To be filed under: BOTHERED

I was fishing around over the weekend, hopping from link to link to link and somehow wound up on a fake farm. Curious of their offerings, I clicked around a bit, and was surprised to see Anya Hindmarch. I didn't think she was high profile enough to have imitation bags proliferating the internet but immediately upon opening the window I realized my mistake - of course... the "I'm not..." bags.

Now I'm not all haute and bothered because the fauxs exist. What has me up in arms is that the fake farm is charging $105 - a discount from the "retail" price of $140. Someone is surely missing that the entire allure of these bags in the first place was that they cost $15.

The bag may not be plastic, but "I'm Not a Sucker." $105! FOR SHAME FAKE FARM! FOR SHAME!