Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The APPLE of our hair is back!

H&B heard a very exciting rumor about a month ago, and yesterday we got the confirmation we've long been hoping for: like the mighty phoenix, Salon Selectives, the 80s & 90s drugstore staple has risen from the ashes and is back in production - smelling just as apple delicious as ever!

The shampoo and conditioner have been resurrected in new (yet still pink!) packaging and treatment varieties by Select Beauty Brands, LLC who thankfully had the good sense to keep the scrumptious scent exactly the same - oh glory day!

Former Helene Curtis-pres. Eugene Zeffren is leading the charge as CEO with several other beauty veterans on board. “The re-introduction of Salon Selectives represents a great opportunity for our company,” said Zeffren. “Our research shows that the brand still has over 80% awareness among our target consumers.” Indeed it does Z, indeed it does!

The collection features mix and match shampoos and conditioners for a garden variety of hair types as well as styling products like shine serum, mousse, gel, hairspray, split end mender and more.

For store locations and more info check out, while we go back to sniffing our locks.