Thursday, May 29, 2008

Naomi Redux: Campbell Arrested in London

Naomi, Naomi, Naomi! When are you going to learn? If picking up garbage in Louboutins can't teach you, what will? Paris has been on her best behavior. Ditto Ms. Richie. But you? Apparently reform just isn't your thing.

So why should we be surprised that British Crown Prosecution Service today charged you with 6 offenses from that nasty little outburst of yours, you know, the one after that British Airways flight when you 'allegedly' assaulted a policeman and threatened the stewardesses because your baggage went missing (it's shameful that we need to clarify which issue!)? Honestly Ms. Campbell. That temper of yours is bound to land you in some serious trouble one of these days, and this may just be that day. These charges carry up to six months jail time, and since the community service hasn't done much to curb your, shall we say, enthusiasm, they just might throw (no, not a cell phone), the proverbial book at you. And frankly, many a people (or assistants) would probably be glad for it.

Get your act together Campbell, the word super can only take you so far.