Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Inking the Kool-Aid

Holy day-glo, Batman! The last time we thought about Kool-Aid we were using it to dye our hair back when the term alternative referred to music. But apparently the folks over at Reebok have not just been drinking it but chugging the Kool-Aid.

The sportswear giant has just announced its latest collab and well, we’re guessing it wasn’t much of a coup in tying this one down. Come spring ’08, brace yourself for Kool-Aid kicks, a line of sneakers that are not only inspired by Kool-Aid’s brightly colored drinks but the actual flavors too. The soles of the sneaks are scented to match the corresponding “flavor” of the shoe like cherry red or tangerine orange. No word yet on how it stands up to stinky feet or city streets but hey, we’ve heard of crazier gimmicks in our day.

The line will also feature caps and sweatshirts with that big ole dopey grin. And, while it isn’t our taste (anymore!), its got loads of hipster trucker hat appeal that may very well help it take off.