Thursday, January 10, 2008

H&B issues one giant "It's Not Fair!"

All this talk about dolls is having us revert to near tantrum-antics! On Monday, Fashionista reported about limited edition Chanel dresses for Barbie, and don’t even get us started on missing out on Alber Elbaz’s Lanvin clad porcelain miniatures! But, just when we were coming to terms that we were stuck with Cabbage Patch Kids, WWD salts our wound with this mean tidbit:

Viktor + Rolf are getting all dolled up too, creating 7 antique porcelain minis for an installation at Selfridges. The dolls will be dressed in “standout looks” from their past collections including a black glittered face from fall ’01 and a gold lamé dress with matching gold mesh mask (see above right). Oh, the humanity, we say!

Three of each doll will be produced, and they may be available for purchase after the installation ends in March.