Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Anna Sui Tapped by Target

Following on the success of Alexander McQueen's recent line, Anna Sui has been tapped by Target as the second participant in its Designer Collaborations series. Unlike Go International, Designer Collaborations features established designers instead of up-and-comers.

Says Sui, “I have always been a fan of designer partnerships with mass retailers. I think it is a great way to bring fashion to everyone. I love Go International and was intrigued with Target’s new take on designer partnerships. It’s a fresh approach. I was able to select a muse or source of creative inspiration to focus the collection around. It is an exciting challenge to try and interpret my aesthetic into a mass-produced product with a specific inspirational source as the focus.”

The line, which will hit stores September 13, draws inspiration from the four female characters of "Gossip Girl." And the teeny-bopper inside us could not be more excited. "Please let there be headbands! Please let there be headbands!"