Friday, December 28, 2007

Natalie Portman Won't Wear Meat

Unlike most vegetarians, the annoyingly-perfect Natalie Portman puts her money where her mouth is, or in vegan speak - just says "no" when it comes to wearing leather. As a result, when it comes to shoes, she's been relegated to Payless and Stella McCartney (although, we imagine things could be worse). But all that's about to change.

The actress has designed a line of animal-friendly shoes for NYC shoe boutique Te Casan that are (oxymoron?) synthetic yet stylish (witness the red mary janes at left!). The line, which officially goes on sale in February, can be pre-ordered in 2 weeks, starting on January 15th. Shoes will hover around $200 with 5% of the proceeds going to some animal rights org.

Frankly, $200 is a bit pricey for vegan shoes if you ask us, but we're happy to see Te Casan get the press - they are a rockin' shoe store where you can find limited edition shoes from up and comers - in the most fashionable of settings. Te Casan? Te amo!